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money owl cursorWhy Buy Online?

A picture (or graph in this case) really does a thousands words. The graph below, provided by Morgan Stanley Research, illustrates the price difference between online and in-store retailers for a selection of product categories.


online versus retail savings

The potential for savings online is enormous, but as many of us are new to online shopping there are tips and traps you don’t find in traditional stores that you need to be aware of. That’s where Money Owl can help.



money owl savings methodsThe Other Stuff You Should Know

How our articles are written:

We approach industry experts to contribute articles about products and services where they have specialist knowledge. If they choose to contribute, they write an article using the Money Owl’s article template and send it over to Money Owl HQ.

Each article is a guide that explains what to consider when making a purchasing decision, and if required, a comparison tool is added by our tech guys. The Money Owl team edits the article for grammar and style, agrees any changes with the industry expert and then posts it on our site. It's that easy, and it's free!